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43 N. Main Street, Ambler, PA
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why pie

The key to a great pie is simple, pure, fresh ingredients mixed with the time and experience needed to make an amazing treat… every time

Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Sweet Pies, Pot Pies, Quiches, Biscuits, Scones, & Cupcakes.

dinner club

For one day a week, don't think about what you're having for dinner. We've got Thursdays covered.

Why pie

About Us
We've owned and operated a dessert food truck called Jimmies Cupcake Company for 6 years. We are 3 time Vendy Nominees for best dessert truck in Philly. Through our adventures we kept seeing the same hole in the dessert world: good fresh pie with all butter, flaky crust. The kind that can only be found in someone's loving kitchen. We have been surrounded by some of the most talented culinary gurus in Philadelphia which helped inspire this fun venture.

So, welcome...
...to our little (pie) slice of heaven! Pie and Plate Café is a bakery filled with amazing, handmade sweet pies and rich mouthwatering pot pies and quiches. We also make flaky biscuits and scones to accompany a fine cup of coffee or tea. Sit and have a slice ala mode or take a pie home to share. Come in and try our goodies and see why we’re proud to be flaky!

Our food has no colors, preservatives or nonsense. Real food as locally sourced as possible. Come enjoy it with some locally roasted coffee in a welcoming little shop set in a historic building in Ambler.

Order Pies

Four ways to order. Either email info@pieandplate.com, call 267-468-7171, order online, or visit us! If emailing, please include in your email your name, phone, email, day and time of desired pickup.

Sweet Pies

Rosemary Ave $24
Classic pumpkin with heavy cream custard in a butter crust, topped with whipped cream. Available in vegan (no whipped cream) for $4 extra.

Butler Pike $24
Dark chocolate pastry cream in a chocolate cookie crust, topped with chocolate whipped cream.

Ambler Ave $28
Dutch cranberry apple baked in a sweetened sour cream custard, topped with pecan crumble. Crumble also available without pecans.

Mattison Ave $24
Creamy key lime custard inside a buttery graham crust, topped with whipped cream.

Tennis Ave $28
Chocolate pastry cream and peanut butter mousse layer in a buttery graham crust and topped with peanuts, PB candy, and pretzels.

Mt. Pleasant Ave $24
Sliced bananas in a vanilla pastry cream inside a buttery graham shell, topped with whipped cream.

Edgewood Dr $28
Cheesecake inside a chocolate chip cookie crust. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and mini chocolate chips. Available gluten free.

Bethlehem Pike $28
Toasted pecans in a rich maple custard all in a butter crust.



Elm St $28
Spinach, mushroom and feta quiche in an all butter crust.

Brookside Ave $28
Turkey bacon and cheddar quiche in an all butter crust.


Assorted $18
1/2 doz assorted box (2 caramel apple, 2 chocolate oreo, 2 lemon raspberry).

restaurant menu


North Street $9
Ham, egg, & cheese with honey dijon sauce

Hendricks Street $9
Sausage with white gravy

Montgomery Road $9
Turkey & cheddar with honey dijon sauce

Webster Lane $9
Cream chipped beef

Almwich $9
Chicken salad

Fairway Road $9
Sausage or pork roll, egg, & cheese with honey dijon sauce

Pot Pies

Forest Avenue $9
Mac & cheese

Anderson $9
Veggie mac & cheese

Belmont Avenue $9
Steak & ale

Park Avenue $9
Chicken, potato, & mushroom

Sweet Pies

Mattison Avenue $5
Key lime

Ambler Avenue $6
Classic or pitch apple

Butler Pike $5
Chocolate cream

Lemon Street $5
Lemon cream

Rosemary Avenue $5
Pumpkin -- vegan available for $1 extra

Tennis Avenue $9
Chocolate peanut butter pretzel

Quiche served with a cup of soup or side greens

Brookside $9
Turkey bacon & cheddar

Elm Street $9
Spinach, mushroom, & feta

Salad served with a mini biscuit

Tally Ho Dr $9
BLT salad & biscuit croutons with ranch dressing

Euclid Dr $9
Spinach, apples, pecans, feta cheese, & bacon with blackberry vinaigrette

Biscuits & Scones

Biscuit $3
With butter & jam

Scone $4
With butter & jam or curd

Afternoon Tea $6
Hot tea and a scone with butter & jam or curd

Zsa's Ice Cream

Cup of ice cream $3.5

Sorbet ice cream sandwich $5

Dark chocolate wafer ice cream sandwich $5


Soup of the day $4+
Served with a mini biscuit

Dinner Club

We invite you to be part of our dinner club. That brain of yours already has enough to think about. Let us help make your week a little easier & more delicious.

Here's how it works. Our chef will curate a tasty, takeout, heat-at-home dinner for your family each Thursday, based on one of our savory pies. Meals will be prepped, boxed, and ready for pickup between 3-7pm each Thursday. After a short stay in your oven to warm up, you'll have family dinner on the table ready to enjoy.

Membership in our Dinner Club comes in 2 sizes:

Couple Serving size: 2-3 people $18/week
Family Serving size: 4-6 people. $32/week

Billed weekly. Skip any week. Cancel anytime.

Join our dinner club